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I support basque peace process, and you?

basque peace process

The aim of this website is to provide a reliable insight on the opinion and initiatives developed by Abertzale Left in order to overcome the ongoing political conflict. We will also pay special attention to different international initiatives promoted in relation to the peace process.

The International Community has an important role to play on the resolution of the Basque Conflict and Abertzale Left understands that it must establish direct sources for them to understand where Abertzale Left stands.

The meaning of Abertzale is strongly associated with a particular understanding of Basque nationalism as a progressive and internationalist movement involving a wide range of organisations such as political parties, unions, cultural organisations, and significant parts of the women, environment and internationalist movements who believe in the liberation of Basque Country. As republicanism has a special understanding in Irish context, abertzale could not be translated as mere nationalism without understanding this progressive role.

Abertzale Left advocates for an independent and socialist Basque Country. But our priority is to establish a democratic scenario where all political projects can be implemented accordingly to the will of the people. To reach such scenario we believe that the conflict has to be solved through democratic and peaceful means, on a multi party based dialogue, negotiation and agreement process ruled by the Mitchell principles.
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